Home Air Tightness Test Using a Blower Door

Where is my Heat GOING?

Does your home feel drafty? Are you loosing green dollars out gaps and openings in the framing, etc? But how can you even address this? Is there someone out there who does a house thermal inspection or something to determine where you are losing heat in the winter and cooling in the summer?

Would you like to figure out where your energy is leaking out of the house so you can put a plan in place to fix those issues and keep the house warmer (or cooler) while potentially reducing your energy bills?

YES - With our Blower Door we can Help You!

We can conduct a Home Air Tightness Test with Evaluation. This includes a blower door test and evaluation to determine the source of the worse leaks.  

This test measures the air leakage rate of the house envelope and works by drawing a vacuum on the house.  We have a high end digital manometer and computer software that then calculates your house leakage to a known standard. We compare those results to state standards for leakage for a new construction home. You want some leakage in order to change out the air in the house to maintain healthy air, but too much is costing you money and comfort. This test result will tell us how aggressive you can be and still safely seal up the leaks. 

With the blower door still running, we use a thermal imager (infrared camera) and our human senses to identify the sources of the leaks (the air coming in is often "visible" with the IR camera). After those are identified we write a report showing those leak areas and give recommendations for correction (often these are caulking, etc that you can do yourself).  

The infrared camera also helps us identify missing insulation in walls and ceiling.  We do some evaluation of the duct system with the IR camera as well and often find openings, etc with it.

For a smaller fee, we could just do the blower door test and compare to the Virginia State Standards so that you can know how your house compares to an energy efficient home.  With that information you could decide whether or not it would be cost effective to bring in an air seal up contractor to find and seal openings.

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