John Fields

I have always loved two things. One is anything to do with working with my hands. The other is the feeling of satisfaction I get when someone recognizes that I have given my all to perform an honest, friendly service for him or her. Having three houses built over the years and owning five in the last fifteen, I quickly learned the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to the building trade.

I’ve also seen how poorly some of the prior homeowners had taken care of their houses. The same could be said for the home inspectors I have crossed paths with. Some were good, and some not so. When in the process of moving back to the Fredericksburg Virginia area, my family was fortunate enough to have CJR Property Inspections Service Team inspect our very own home. I had never seen anything quite like their method, as well as their thoroughness. I became intrigued with home inspections and a light bulb went off.

After several weeks of research I called CJR to explain my intent, asking if they would be interested in showing me the ropes. The CJR Inspectors proved to be great, willing teachers, who were happy to pass along all their knowledge about the business. At their urging I enrolled in what is arguably recognized as the best training school in the business. The ASHI Home Inspection School was a very intense course that taught me so much. Most of the course was in the field with hands on training. In my humble opinion, there is no better way to learn. I have passed the National Home Inspectors Examination and completed over 250 inspections (as of January 2013).

Not only do I feel very fortunate to be able to work doing something that I love and am good at As a part of your home inspection service team. But, to also be able to see the gratitude of the client I've just helped in the crucial step in their home buying process.

Joseph Kairys

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